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My name is Andrei Doktoroff and I am passionate about discovering the full potential of life through the power of intelligence. I love exploring new ideas, building upon them, and sharing my knowledge. With my experience and resources, I strive to help people connect with their true calling and achieve the goals that really matter.
I see life as a journey, or actually several journeys, that the roles we play take. Along the way, we have fun, grow, and explore the universe inside and out. And we almost never go it alone, cooperating and competing, loving and hating, but ultimately only helping each other to know ourselves more deeply.
I believe that sharing and collaboration is essential, so I publish my ideas and projects here so that you can learn something useful or inspiring, challenge my ideas, or even get involved in one of my endeavors. I am currently pursuing several journeys:

We will

nextGen: Next generation
MISSION: Build a framework and a tool to organize the people on the way to a goal in the most effective way
Channel people energy flow

Structure by flow

I give
I need

Life journey

Teams I play for

Personal dashboard
Oura, int resources

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